In Nigeria over a hundred million of assets/properties are stolen every year! Worldwide the number of stolen goods exceeds a thousand million. All kinds of property are involved: cars, mobile phones, fixed phones, caravans, bicycles, mopeds, motor-bikes, boats, computers, laptops, printers, surfboards, TV-sets, film-equipment etc. etc. The majority of these goods will end up on the black market and will never be returned to the rightful owner. There is a very simple, but highly effective and professional method to mark your valuable.

This system, a frontrunner in Nigeria and West African coast, enables you to put identification numbers/codes on widely divergent articles. The PERMANENTMARK identification numbers are clearly visible, but unobtrusive / indelible. These render your properties very risky for the light-fingered fraternity, hence very uninteresting for stealing.

  • Now that the current statistics of the theft of properties in Europe and Americas show glaring 84%. Nigeria as a developing country is only alarming.
  • Now that the Association of British Insurer’s paid a whooping 78% consequent upon theft of office properties – computer and laptops the most affected. Our situation can only be imagined than described.
  • Now that the record of theft of vehicles and loss of GSM handsets have lost their statistical data consequent upon their frequency. Security and protection in our society have lost their reasons.
  • With engraving on vehicles inflicting damages on the body of otherwise smooth great body of high and low clean vehicles, especially the executive class vehicles, would you not rather embrace the wonder security technology called PERMANENTMARK.
    • Increasing use of compact and portable computers means that employers are more often exposed to the costs of replacement following loss or theft. Even when fully insured, the time and inconvenience of equipment replacement should be considered, as should the cost of losing sensitive information. The Loss Prevention Certification Board states, “ The actual total cost of loss for every pound spent on laptop hardware is really £18. One thousand laptops are being stolen in Britain each week!

To advise and assist customers/individuals in asset/property protection through security marking system called PERMANENTMARK and adds value to their asset/property.

To be a leading and foremost asset/property security marking company in African Countries by 2015.

The police all over the world strongly recommend the use of PERMANENTMARK systems as a very effective weapon against the constantly increasing number of thefts, both nationally and internationally. On the advice of the police special durable vinyl warning-stickers are included in every PERMANENTMARK set. These increase the deterrent effect for thieves and receivers. For, in an early stage, attention is drawn to the fact that your properties are permanently marked and protected by PERMANENTMARK.

PERMANENTMARK is not for sale in any shop or business anywhere in the world.
PERMANENTMARK is only made to order.
For each PERMANENTMARK set is customized.
Each PERMANENTMARK set is packed separately and dispatched by post. All prices are inclusive of VAT and mailing-costs. Every parcel includes an invoice.
This invoice can be paid by remitting the due amount into our bank account in your own country.


As a result of business growth, we need serious-minded organisations to
 partner with us as Franchisees/Resellers across the country.

 1. Resellers will be granted exclusive right in the territory/states
 they have chosen.
 2. Supply of permanentmark machines.
 3. Supply of marking materials that would be enough to mark 500
 (Reseller is expected to recoup a minimum of N2,500,000.00 from this
 initial supply of materials).
 4. Free technical and marketing support.
 5. Personalised website/email address.

Franchise Requirements
 1. N6 million Franchise fee, which includes the cost of set-up.
 2. Yearly royalty of N250,000.00 per state.
 3. Must have a registered business plus proven ability to manage it.
 4. Expertise in a related business advantage.
 5. Must be familiar with the business terrain in your chosen territory.
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